Owl Guardian Artist's Proof 1/15

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Only 15 copies available of this small print run... artist proof's are more rare and valuable than regular edition. 

"Owl Guardian", 20"W x 20"H limited edition silkscreen print by Trevor Husband, each one signed and numbered. This print features a metallic copper ink.

This design is from a carving I did, shown below. The story is as follows:

"The owl is a polarizing figure on the Northwest Coast and across Turtle Island. Some believe that the owl is connected to the afterlife. My teachings are that you need to spend time watching an animal if you want to understand its medicine (teachings).

The owl can see in the dark, and hunts at night. Symbolically this relates to the spirit world, and gives the owl the ability to navigate the spirit world, going back and forth and bringing messages. (....) If we pray to Owl and ask for help, Owl can help us to see things that we are having a hard time seeing and understanding.

This design shows a bear cub in the belly of the owl, representing our inner child. The owl is watching over the bear cub, hiding in the shadows of the trees as they do, making sure it is safe from a distance. When the bear cub goes into dangerous situations, the owl will make sure, that the bear cub is safe. This piece is intended to bring this medicine of protection and being watched over to the viewer.

The copper colour in the design emphasizes the significant role copper has played in Indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Native copper - copper that exists naturally in a pure form, and which does not require smelting or refinement - has been used to create objects of adornment and to manufacture tools for more than 6,000 years."