The Elders 1/100 Limited Edition

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"The Elders", 20"W x 20"H limited edition silkscreen print by Trevor Husband, only 100 printed each one signed and numbered.

Eagle and Raven. These birds are 2 of the most popular figures used in Northwest Coast art. Almost every nation up and down the coast uses Raven and Eagle as some of their clan crests. On Haida Gwaii, where I grew up, they are the only 2 clans to survive colonization. 

Raven is in many creation myths, they are the trickster and are constantly trying to even out the balance of power by antagonizing powerful chiefs and conceited warriors. Raven gets into things they shouldn’t, and in doing so brings illumination to the people.

Eagle flies the highest and so is closest to Creator. Eagle is righteous and stoic, and teaches us to do the right thing with all our power and strength. Eagle models good behaviour, while Raven shows us wisdom through their folly.

I find that these figures are present in many other cultures’ mythology. Eagle and Raven could be Thor and Loki. Buffalo and Coyote. God and Lucifer. There are opposing energies between the two, but together they bring a balance to the world. And these energies are old, have been here since the beginning. That’s why I named this piece “The Elders”, because they have been working for the people since the beginning to help us stay in balance.