Mother Bear Sticker

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Vinyl, 2.75"W x 3.75"H, Self-adhesive.

“A long time ago Mother Bear gave birth to four cubs. The cubs were uniquely coloured; one red, one black, one yellow, and one white. They played hard, slept hard and ate hard. They grew and grew, and one day Mother Bear realized that there was little food left. It was time for her cubs to leave, so she sent them to the four corners of the Earth to establish their own territories and hunting grounds.

The cubs flourished in their new environments, had large families, and their children had large families. After many generations, just as before, the bears started to fill their new territories, and eat up the food. They had to leave the safe confines of their homes and go into other territories. When the different colour bears saw each other they didn’t remember they once had been brothers and sisters, and horrible fights happened. It made Mother Bear so sad to see her grandchildren fight, and she is still trying to help them remember where they come from.”