White Raven Artist's Proof 1/15

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Only 15 copies available of this small print run... artist proof's are more rare and valuable than regular edition. 

"White Raven", 20"W x 20"H limited edition silkscreen print by Trevor Husband, only 15 printed each one signed and numbered. 

"Growing up on Haida Gwaii, there was a white raven that appeared in the early 90's in the town of Port Clements. It would perch on the power lines near the gas station. Everyone knew it was special, and we would ask if you had seen it if you drove through Port. One of the versions of the well-known legend of "Raven Steals the Sun" tells that Raven used to be white, but after he stole the sun for the people of Earth, he got burnt from carrying it down from the sky chief. After that he turned black.

This piece shows White Raven carrying the sun, just before he turns black. The Sun is shown as an egg, as it is in its infancy. Inside Raven is man, who Raven sacrifices his feathers for to bring them the light. The feather above Raven's head symbolizes this sacrifice."

This design is printed in semi translucent white ink on black paper, emphasizing the relationship between White and Black Raven.